The most efficient way to provide personalized Instagram support

Gorgias makes it easy to engage with messages, comments, mentions, or ad comments directly from your helpdesk, with detailed ecommerce information and powerful automation tools.

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Integrate Instagram with Gorgias for efficient social support

Manage all Instagram interactions in one place

Reply to comments, send a message, engage with a Story mention, or take a public comment to a private conversation. No matter how shoppers or influencers are engaging with your brand, your agents will be empowered to interact right back without opening separate browser tabs.


Craft personalized, contextualized replies

Take the guesswork out of who you’re interacting with. View a user’s message history (on Instagram and other channels like email and chat) in one centralized view, along with data from over 65+ integrations including Shopify, Klaviyo, and Yotpo.

Spend less time answering “Where’s my order?” questions

Our powerful automation tools allow you to free up your agents to focus on the most important conversations, while automatically responding to the messages you get all the time (like saying “Thanks!” for the Story mention or sending a personalized order update).


“We created more than 100 macros to anticipate answers to 40% of our customers request.

Livne Kestin, Full Stack Engineer, Tolstoy

Simplify Instagram support for your store

Reply to public comments with private messages

Easily change your reply type within the same message thread, so your agents can share a private discount code or send a personal shipping update all from the same view.

Import 30 days of posts and comments for immediate context

When you add the Instagram integration, you can immediately import past conversations for a smooth transition to managing conversations in Gorgias.

Reply to Instagram ad comments

Get the most out of your advertising efforts by engaging with top-level comments on Instagram ads.

Hide unwanted comments

Control the comments that appear to your Instagram community and hide the ones that don’t meet your guidelines.

View conversation history, up to 50 private messages

Even if it’s an agent’s first time interacting with a follower, they’ll be equipped with the full message history to customize their reply for a personalized conversation.

Know when your brand is mentioned

Join the conversation, even if it’s happening outside of your own posts. Gorgias makes it easy to respond to every interaction in posts or stories that your store is tagged in.

Start seeing the impact from the first week

Deflect tickets
30% of all inquiries are about order status, returns and cancellations. You can automate these inquiries using self-service and managed rules.
24/7 support
Customers shop online 24/7. With self-service, your customers can get the help they need outside business hours, without the overhead cost.
Generate revenue
Customers are more likely to make a purchase if their product questions are answered. FAQ in chat helps educating customers and promote your brand.

Join 10,064+ merchants offering exceptional ecommerce support

Leverage the full power of your ecommerce stack with Gorgias

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