Montezuma's reduces resolution time by 15% and saves 5 hours per week by using the Gorgias x Magento integration

Challenge: Montezuma's customer service team had to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks. They were looking to reduce time on organizing customer inquiries and improving support productivity, so they could focus on helping customers solve problem and providing great customer experience.

Solution: The team decided to use the Gorgias x Magento integration for customer service, and it's been the right decision. On average, they decrease resolution time by 15% and they now save 5 hours/week with automation, giving back more time to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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When you walk into a Montezuma's store, you instantly feel at home. It's not just because they're family run and have been around for over 20 years—it's because the atmosphere is warm and inviting, the staffs are friendly and helpful, and the chocolate selection is delicious.

Montezuma's started in Brighton in 2000 with only a kitchen sink-sized machine, huge enthusiasm, spades of naivety, and most importantly, a broad ideal to bring innovation to Britain's chocolate market. Their goal was to make every customer leave with a bigger smile then when they came in.

This is still the goal of Montezuma's today—every time someone interacts with them online, they want it to be just as an amazing experience.

Recently, the Gorgias team sat down with Marketing Manager, Kate Jones, to talk about how they boost customer support productivity and improve customer experiences.

The challenge: The previous customer support method was slowing down service efficiency

Customer care is an essential part of any business. But it can be challenging to keep up with the different needs and issues that customers have, especially if you don't have a lot of staff on hand to help you out.

Previously, Montezuma's used a traditional Outlook inbox to handle customer inquiries. According to Kate, using Outlook inbox was challenging because even though it's great at keeping track of emails sent and received, it doesn't make organizing those emails easy. The team had to spend too much time going through their inbox to join conversations and archive emails.

The solution: Streamlining customer service with Gorgias x Magento

The Montezuma's team researched many customer helpdesk platforms, including Zendesk, and found Gorgias to be the best fit for them. In May 2021, the team switched to Gorgias and has been using it to manage all customer inquiries from email, contact form, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to Kate, Gorgias' automation is what sets it apart from other platforms.

"Gorgias and Magento integration helps us accurately trace the customer purchase history. Its ability to track ticket tags is so useful, and we've found Gorgias' customer service exceptional."

- Kate Jones, Marketing Manager, Montezuma's

The Montezuma's team found the following features of the Gorgias x Magento integration really helpful to them:

  • The smart pick up of an order's details next to a customer's email address. Kate explained that this feature allows their team to locate a customer's order number and find relevant information without needing to search through emails. "A much quicker and more efficient customer experience," she added.
  • Gorgias tags. Tags allow the team to keep updated with trending topics and easily create macros for questions as soon as they start to see a trend. "We make lots of delicious chocolates, so tags help us track popular products within a particular time frame and pick out flavor suggestions from our wonderful customers," Kate added.
  • Gorgias automation. Automating replies to frequently asked questions helps the team save a lot of time. They can use macros to automatically respond to tickets, such as quickly responding with an email to let customers know their email has got through and remind them of their business hours. "That ensures we're transparent and can manage expectations while retaining our tone of voice across all aspects of automation."

The result: Saving approximately 5 hours/week

“We’re a small but perfectly formed team, and automation enables us to respond to customers even when we’re not ‘in the office’ - i.e., evenings and weekends! It has been hugely beneficial for us, both from a time and brand perspective,” Kate said.

The Montezuma’s team can now focus on the actual customer conversations without manually cleaning the inbox. In doing so, they improve customer experience and make their shoppers happier.

During the last holiday season (BFCM, Christmas, New Year), they saw a 102% increase in ticket volumes during peak season, with 2,089 tickets replied to—104% higher than any regular season. During that period 11,056 tickets were closed in total, and 19% of them were one touch. Those tickets were solved with only one agent reply.

Additionally, using automation features from the Gorgias x Magento integration has allowed them to automate many repetitive tasks that used to take up time and effort—which can now be spent on more important things like helping customers solve problems and providing a better customer experience. On average, the team now decreases resolution time by 15% and saves 5 hours per week on with automation, a half day per week that their team can spend delivering exceptional customer experience. 

"It's great for efficiency and it saves us from adding extra headcount. Our agents can listen to customers and give them the time they need without rushing through the tickets or phone calls. That really makes people feel valued and that's what we want for our customer experience."

- Kate Jones, Marketing Manager, Montezuma's

Moving forward

Montezuma’s customer service team has been using Gorgias to improve their customer service experiences, and they plan to continue doing so in the future.

“Customer care is at the forefront of everything we do, and as we grow and move into one of the biggest seasons to date, we know that we can rely on Gorgias and all of its features to support us,”

- Kate Jones, Marketing Manager, Montezuma's

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