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Gorgias is the leading helpdesk solution for eCommerce brands and we want to partner with you. Our goal is to grow together, while ultimately helping scale our mutual clients. If you are in the business of supporting eCommerce brands then let's talk!

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Services offering

Grow your agency by adding to your service offering and get VIP access to the best in-class software to help your clients grow.

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Full access to the Gorgias partner portal for your entire team to receive product and sales training.

Marketing support

We will help create awareness for your agency through co-marketing initiatives, speaking opportunities, sponsorships, client dinners, and much more.

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For each new customer you bring, get rewarded with an industry leading revenue share.

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Generate leads through our partner marketplace and get prioritized leads whenever we have a customer that needs your services.

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Get a dedicated partner manager and a direct slack channel to stay in constant communication with our team and give the best support to your clients.

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"The Gorgias team has been an incredible Strategic Partner to MuteSix, helping our clients manage every aspect of the customer service process, a vital part of scaling and growing their brand. Top brands like Spongelle, Grunt Style, and Grassroots Coop use Gorgias to to monitor their Facebook and Instagram ad comments which also helps increase their ROAS and drive revenue"
Adena Merabi,  Head of Partnerships @ Mutesix

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