Vested Interest Episode 4 Replay (Spoilers) - Three Ecommerce Brands Compete For A Real Call With Investors

Rohan Kapoor
Rohan Kapoor
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September 30, 2020
October 2, 2020
Vested Interest Episode 4 Replay (Spoilers) - Three Ecommerce Brands Compete For A Real Call With Investors

Watch the full taping of Vested Interest below, or scroll to the bottom of the page to see who won. If you have a want to be being featured in a future episode? Apply here, and subscribe to the Gorgias Podcast to get the audio of future episodes and listen on the go.

DTC Investor Pannel

Meera Clark: Meera is a consumer-focused investor at Obvious Ventures, a venture capital fund based in San Francisco and started by Twitter and Medium founder Ev Williams. At Obvious, Meera is focused on the firm’s fintech, consumer health, and CPG investments.

Wesley Gottesman: Wesley joined Brand Foundry Ventures in 2017 after extensive operating experience at consumer start-ups. He launched an apparel company, Nine Brand, with Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees and has led product departments at two consumer technology businesses: PHLUR and Buzz Points.

Nichole Ferrara: Nichole helps manage Encore Consumer Capital’s investments in butter LONDON and Supergoop!, is on the board of Brownie Brittle, and is a Director at Lion Beverages. Previously, she helped manage Encore’s investments in Ancient Harvest and Van Law.

Investor Pitch Summary (Spoilers Below)

WOLACO pitched by Terry White.

WOLACO is a DTC active apparel brand founded on a thesis and built for the future. They are aiming to be the next great active apparel brand in the sustainable active apparel category crafted specifically for the everyday millennial. They believe that the world doesn’t need another active apparel brand, rather it needs one that is set to a higher standard. The international design roadmap uniquely focuses on different ways of life from the city to the trail to the coast. Above all, they focus deeply on sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing, enabling them to stand out from the crowd. To scale profitably, they’ve put emphasis on their ecommerce strategy, which so far has proven growth. 

Key Investor Questions: 

  1. Meera: How do you think about customer acquisition as it relates to scaling the brand (new users, product rollouts, etc)?
  2. Wesley: Why and how is the active apparel category “broken”? What problem are you addressing?
  3. Nichole: How do you efficiently work with your manufacturers in your supply chain?

We had Triple Bristle, pitched by Max Babiner. 

Triple Bristle is an oral care brand that sells 3-sided sonic toothbrushes. It is undergoing overwhelming exponential growth due to rapid market acceptance and successful business development efforts led by a serial entrepreneur and a team of veteran marketing professionals. With manufacturing, team, and the product in place, they are laser focused on growing the brand. Their products provide a better clean in a third of the time, engages the gum line and sweeps away plaque, and makes perfect brushing practically automatic. With a stable recurring revenue stream, they’re able to retain customers to keep a very low churn. Most importantly, they are creating awareness within this category amongst the special needs. 

Key Investor Questions: 

  1. Meera: As you think about your longer term LTV/CAC potential, what percentage of your revenue is coming from returning customers - how are you thinking about repeat customers?
  2. Wesley: What made you decide to run with this as a D2C concept as opposed to using your acumen to create a supply chain?
  3. Nichole: What does your channel strategy look like as you evolve over time?

Finally, we had Knox Labs pitched by Taron Lizagub.

Knox Labs has extensive history both in manufacturing Virtual Reality accessories and in Virtual and Augmented Reality development with the main purpose of making Virtual Reality more accessible. They live for innovation in technology and have developed some pretty cool products since inception. In 2019, the first Virtual Reality-centric marketplace was launched, with a focus on niche, hard to find products mixed in with mainstream products. In the same year, NokNok, Virtual Reality offices and spaces, where they built out rooms for remote teams. Think of it as Zoom for Virtual Reality. In this fascinating category, they’ve been able to demonstrate growth from a revenue perspective, allowing their forecasts for next year to look bright. 

Key Investor Questions: 

  1. Meera: How are you thinking about expanding your team as you approach your revenue goals?
  2. Wesley: Given the number of growth opportunities that you have, where do you see yourself spending capital?
  3. Nichole: What is your strategy as it relates to acquiring new customers in both the B2B and D2C environment?

Congratulations to Triple Bristle for winning Episode 4 of Vested Interest!

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