Now All Gorgias Customers Can Share Views With Everyone, Their Team, or Just One Person

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker
Last updated on 
September 3, 2020
September 3, 2020
Now All Gorgias Customers Can Share Views With Everyone, Their Team, or Just One Person

One of our most common feature requests, view sharing, allows you to create public views, shared views, and private views (the way you organize tickets in the left hand column) with team members. Best of all, we're adding view sharing to all plans

When you create a gorgeous view in Gorgias it can be beneficial to share it with specific agents or teams instead of cluttering the helpdesk with all views visible to everyone.

When would you do this?

  • As an entrepreneur or store owner who likes to talk to customers yourself, either as a support team of one looking for some help (which won’t cost you a dollar more, since we don’t charge by the seat), or you like to stay close to your customers like Patrick from Supply who wants to bring on your first customer support hire
  • Making sure new hires aren’t overwhelmed by giving them a view with easy to answer, friendly tickets.
  • Removing awful customers (we see you Karen and Chad) from the views of everyone. You could protect your team further by creating a rule to send an automated reply saying you won’t tolerate your employees being treated like that. This would be done with the language used.
  • Giving your contact center team access to only the tickets you want them to see (typically fairly easy to answer tickets)
  • Having one person dedicated to replying to comments on Facebook or Instagram
  • Seeing only live active chats and not being distracted by email.
  • Separating different stores, languages, or regions by different teams.
  • Separate your in-store vs on-site teams (via Toby from Simply Strings)

When would you do this?

  • To create views only visible to specific teams and not clutter up the helpdesk. For example, one view for the marketing team and another for the customer support team.
  • If you work with an outsourced customer support team you might want to create certain views that are only visible to your team. 
  • If you have multiple stores, support email addresses, and social pages you might want to create views specific to the different teams managing each store. 
  • To have your own private views unique to your personal workflow.

How do you use view sharing today?

Choose the view that you want to share by clicking on the left hand side. Then open the advanced filters, sharing, and choose your settings. Here you can choose if the view is public to everyone, shared with specific teams and agents, or private to the agent who created it.

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